Program Impact

When you empower girls communities thrive!

"Our ultimate goal is to expand our reach and make a positive impact on all at-risk girls residing in communities throughout the state of Florida and beyond."  

  • 100% improved school attendance & academic performance

  • 81% more likely to participate regularly in sports &/or extra-curricular activities

  • 90% high school graduate rate 

  • 92% avoid destructive behaviors (teen pregnancy, usage of illegal drugs &/or alcohol abuse)

  • 85% more likely to volunteer regularly 

  • 92% interested in becoming mentoring

  • 70% of our graduates pursue secondary education

  • 91% obtain & maintain gainful employment

  • 97% obtain or hold leadership positions

** Statistics are tracked annually through comprehensive record keeping, ‘participant exit interviews/ surveys with parents, participants & school administrators, counselors, community boards and more. 


15 Year Old : Shamaree
When you empower girls communities thrive!

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