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Our Founders



Angela Bailey

Angela's story reads like the blueprint drawn for most youth born in any community in the U.S. Born to a poor mother, reared in a housing project, Angela recalls a time when money was more than tight, it was non-existent. Furthermore, she was inundated with dismal images of what appeared to be a future filled with the same for her. However, in time, Angela's story takes a turn that mirrors the famed poet and Author Maya Angelou's.  Angelou credits a teacher for opening her mind to thinking "outside the box" and not allowing her impoverished surroundings to influence the path her life would take. Likewise, Angela received the same inspirational advice as a child, and like Angelou, she hasn't looked back since.


After graduating from Florida A&M University in 1996, she worked as a professional runway model, which afforded her the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and observe different cultures.  After making a decision to return home, to live, she made a shocking discovery.  Although she had grown and changed tremendously, unfortunately her community had not.  She immediately thought that something must be done.  She founded Urban Reflections, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering at-risk youth (girls).

Angela Bailey is the Executive Director of Urban Reflections, Inc. She’s responsible for day-to-day operations and the overall planning, implementation, and execution of programs.

Executive Director

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