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Our Founders



LaWanda Bailey

Director of Marketing & Communications

When Lawanda Bailey is asked why she does so much for the youth in her community, she replies: “Because there’s a grave need for our youth to become better citizens, better students, and better employees.”

A style all her own, Lawanda Bailey was an introvert growing up.  After high school, Lawanda joined her older, more out spoken sister, in college.  During her college tenure at Florida A&M University Lawanda quickly learned you need a voice to be seen and heard in this world.  This realization motivated Lawanda to get involved with serving her community, a neighborhood infested with young women without voices.  LaWanda Bailey teamed up with her sister and started a community program, now a non-profit agency, called Urban Reflections Inc.

Lawanda has become a pillar in her community, helping at-risk girls build their confidence and find their voice. Realizing that children/teens and young adults face so many challenges in the home, community and at school, Lawanda is preparing them to be a strong force in all areas, building them from the inside out.

Lawanda Bailey serves as the Director of Marketing & Communications - Lawanda manages all marketing and promotional efforts, and executes all social, digital and print media campaigns as it relates to branding of Urban Reflections, Inc.

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