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Our Founders

Michael Browne

Michael Browne

Finance Director / Grant Writer

Michael Browne grew up in a single parent home with 9 siblings.  Being one of the youngest children, Michael did not enjoy the luxury of wearing new clothing to school and family outings.  He was often the beneficiary of used garments and toys from his older brothers.  Michael’s childhood experiences propelled him to work hard for the things he wanted.


Michael attended high school, in Harlem New York, and graduated at the top of his class.  After high school, Michael attended college and pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and Master’s in Finance.

At age 27, Michael tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and opened his first business, MVT Recordings, a record label dedicated to giving at-risk youth a voice through music.  Michael has devoted his life to helping at risk youth boost their self-esteem and character by imparting his business knowledge and life experiences to them.

Michael Browne serves as the Finance Director/Grant writer for Urban Reflections, Inc.  He’s responsible for financial and legal affairs, budgeting and contractual agreements.

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