“It takes a village to raise a child.”      


On Give Miami Day 2019, this community rallies and raised a record of $14.4 million for 834 local causes! Every year, this event gets bigger and momentum grows. And it's thanks to YOU - our donors, nonprofits, supporters and friends. Thanks for giving to create another magic moment for Greater Miami. We are grateful to you. 

UR Inc. raised close to $4k on Give Miami Day 2019
Over 834 organizations in the Miami area!!!

Platinum Level

Anthony Salcedo
Michael Browne
Candra Cummings
Biz Nest of Coral Gables
Integrated Derm of Coral Gables

(Dr. Javier Alonso MD PA)

Gold Level
Marsha Malone
Barbara Hunter
Dini Ami
Linda Spearman-Scott
Karen Steverson
Pamela Durning
Vince Reid

Courtney Frost

Travis Houston

Keith McCloud

Samanthia McCoy

Kelvin Jones

Quadeera Teart

Tishonda Lewis

Silver Level

Ashaki Williams

Christy Holloway

Karine Melissa

Raquhel Taylor

Desiree Walters

Al Deleveaux

Danyeal "Mimi" Smith

Bronze Level

Chiquita Scarvers

Tia Battey

Ashley Sparks

Bob Graham

Erika Sanders

Yolanda Henley

Shanna Lucas

Tara Grimsley

Tena Bush

Elaina Harrell

April RaQuel

Amy Baez

Tangela Mitchell

Denetra Collins

Ashaki Williams

Stephanie Perry

Tamira Bouie

Betty Houser

Joy Smith

Niesha Mack-Freeman

(in loving memory of

Adrian Freeman)

Our Sponsors

Hallback's Bar & Grill

Our Partners

  • Mourning Family Foundation

  • Honey Shine Inc.

  • Miami-Dade Parks and Rec

  • Miami-Dade Public Schools

  • Miami-Dade College

  • Simpson Park Community Center

  • Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce

  • Overtown Youth Center

  • Educate Tomorrow

  • PACE Center for Girls-Miami

  • P.A.T.H. (Preserving Archiving &Teaching Hip Hop)

  • Urgent Inc

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